Silent Blocs

Indispensable for absorbing the shocks and vibrations of your competition vehicle in motor sport. We advise you to change the various silent blocks fitted as original equipment. These small rubber, plastic or polyurethane parts from the Powerflex brand will guarantee you a long service life while remaining extremely efficient. Soundproofing is also greatly improved. The Black Series silent blocks are 25% more resistant to load than the standard Powerflex series, and 80% firmer than the original ones. The Powerflex silent blocks also increase the life of the tyres, which will be much less stressed. Benefits: Resistance to petrol, oil, acid and water, exceptional durability, improved vehicle handling and tyre work.

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Silent blocs type  
  1. 31 mm
  2. 10 mm
  3. 12 mm
  4. 13 mm
  5. 14 mm
  6. 15 mm
  7. 15.5 mm
  8. 16 mm
  9. 16.5 mm
  10. 17 mm
  11. 18 mm
  12. 18.5 mm
  13. 19 mm
  14. 20 mm
  15. 20.5 mm
  16. 21 mm
  17. 21.5 mm
  18. 22 mm
  19. 22.5 mm
  20. 23 mm
  21. 23.5 mm
  22. 24 mm
  23. 25 mm
  24. 25.5 mm
  25. 26 mm
  26. 26.8 mm
  27. 27 mm
  28. 28 mm
  29. 29 mm
  30. 30 mm
  31. 30.8 mm
  32. 32 mm
  33. 35 mm
  34. 38.10 mm
  35. 60 mm
  36. 66 mm

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Sale of engine silent blocks, triangles

Many different silent blocks for different car brands! Often wrongly called "cylinder blocks", silent blocks are made of rubber. We have selected for you silent blocks for engines, wishbones, suspensions, anti-roll bars, arms, axles, cradles, for a wide range of vehicle applications. These silent blocks have a very long service life and will improve the handling of your vehicle.

What is the role of the silent blocks?

Silent blocks are small components that play an essential role in keeping your car running smoothly. They are used to reduce the noise caused by the vibrations of the many parts of your vehicle and also to link certain elements, such as the shock absorber and the chassis.

When to change the silent blocks?

With use, the silent blocks become damaged and their thickness decreases. Rubber bushes often wear out more quickly because they are softer and the rubber can be altered by time and weather conditions, for example. This is why it may be worthwhile to invest in polyurethane silent blocks.

In general, it is necessary to check that the sagging of the soft part of the silent block does not exceed 2 or 3mm. For original silent blocks, the rule is that they should be changed every 80,000 km or so.

What are the differences between rubber and polyurethane silent blocks?

Rubber silent blocks have the advantage of being cheaper, but they have a shorter life span than polyurethane silent blocks because rubber is more fragile and more sensitive to external stress. The choice of material should therefore be made according to the use you make of your vehicle. For leisure use of your car, rubber silent blocks are sufficient. But if you want to improve your driving comfort or if you are looking for performance, for example in rally competition, polyurethane silent blocks would be much more appropriate.

Which silent blocks to choose?

With good quality silent blocks such as those from Powerflex, you can improve handling and road holding thanks to parts that are rigid enough to withstand the stresses experienced. Equipping your car with a polyurethane silent block is therefore essential for racing and rally drivers. The Powerflex Black Series is dedicated to this use. You can browse our products to check their compatibility.

Since 2013, Powerflex has been offering a range of products called the Black Series, which is perfectly suited to the stresses placed on the engine or chassis during rally competition. These small silentblock dampers are specially designed to take the big shocks during races!

In numbers, this is the difference between the different ranges of Powerflex silent blocks:

  • Silent blocks Black series: 80% harder than the original ones. Special motorsport series for increased performance! Fast and efficient installation!
  • Silent blocks purple: standard sport range, 25 to 30% firmer than the standard fitting. Standard parts at competitive prices for use on the racetrack!