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When it comes to mechanics, it's better to be well-shod!

Discover our selection of shoes specifically designed for motorsport mechanics. You will find trainers using the VIBRAM rubber sole. The mechanic's shoes are made of an ultra-resistant fabric for optimal comfort. They are equipped with a shock absorbing system to reduce shocks and avoid back pain caused by bad posture of the mechanics.

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Sale of shoes for mechanics

Sale of pairs of shoes for car mechanics. Find all the mechanics' shoes at low prices on, the motorsport shop. They will protect you from possible burns, and projections of dangerous liquids. The special shoes for mechanics are ideal to avoid damaging your street shoes. In addition, they are specially designed for the job, protecting you from a fall with non-slip soles. Mechanics and garage owners work safely with good shoes!

Professional mechanics need to be well equipped to prevent the risks associated with their job as much as possible. When you work in a garage or other DIY workshop, safety shoes are part of the mandatory or highly recommended protective equipment to protect your feet and avoid slipping. Here are some of the benefits of buying safety shoes for mechanics and the criteria you should consider when looking for the right ones for your needs.

Purpose and characteristics of protective footwear for mechanics/garages

Safety shoes are part of the personal protective equipment that should not be neglected. Their use is subject to strict regulations with standards that attest to their quality.

Indeed, work accidents involving the feet can have several causes: penetration of foreign objects into the soles of the feet, crushing, laceration, false movement, slipping, etc. Safety shoes are therefore recommended to prevent these risk situations and to guarantee the protection of the mechanic's foot while he is working. The wearing of protective footwear is compulsory in certain cases and is governed by the Labour Code. If you fail to wear protective footwear, you may be sanctioned by the Labour Inspectorate.

Safety shoes for mechanics will provide adequate protection against sharp objects, high loads and chemical substances. You should choose your pair from a wide range of existing models in accordance with the current EN ISO 20345 standard.

Safety shoes can be toecapped with steel or composite toecaps to protect the feet of mechanics and garage workers from impact. They also have anti-puncture, anti-slip and hydrocarbon-resistant soles. The S1P and SRC standard shoes are perfectly suited to the needs of mechanics and are highly recommended when you have to work in the workshop or outdoors.

In addition to safety shoes, the mechanics' professional must also be equipped with mechanics' gloves, specially designed to avoid the risks of burns, cuts, abrasion or irritation linked to the handling of dangerous elements. Protective glasses are intended to protect against radiation, blindness and projections of solid, chemical or liquid particles, etc.

Criteria for choosing your pair of safety shoes for mechanics

Several criteria can be considered when choosing safety shoes. You need to consider the standard, but also the fit, how comfortable you are using it, the style you want to adopt, etc.

To carry out your activities and your job in the best possible conditions, choose a shoe model that is both durable and comfortable. As a garage owner, mechanic or workshop worker, your activity also requires a pair of shoes that are easy to maintain and can be worn in all seasons. You have the option of choosing a high top shoe that will offer better ankle support or a low top trainer for more freedom of movement.

At Oreca Store, we offer you safety shoes of the trainer type that will provide you with flexibility, protection and lightness. They are equipped with shock absorbing systems to reduce shocks and avoid problems linked to the bad postures often adopted by mechanics.