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Buying new tyres for your kart is very important! Just like a car, good maintenance of your kart will improve its reliability, longevity, safety on board and performance! The tyres of a kart are one of the most important parts. Used intensively, they can be damaged very quickly. Oreca-Store.com offers you different categories of tyres to meet all your needs.

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Sale of Dunlop karting tyres

Oreca-Store.com is the online shop where you can buy Dunlop kart tyres at discount prices! Front and rear tyres with different types of rubber: soft, medium and hard! For competition, leisure and kart rental. You need to keep an eye on your tyres both at the end of each competition and during the competition itself to avoid any problems and optimise your performance!

Karting is a motor sport for everyone, and guarantees moments of strong sensations on circuits! Depending on the stakes, your level and the competition, you can take part in a karting race with a 125cc or 250cc kart. Whatever the vehicle, certain equipment such as helmet and gloves are necessary and should be chosen carefully. Furthermore, the choice of kart tyres is also essential, as it affects the performance of the vehicle and the driver's performance. Specialised in the sale of automotive equipment, the ORECA STORE offers you Dunlop tyres for karting.
Criteria for choosing karting tyres

No matter how good a driver's overalls, practical gloves and the best karting helmet are, he will not be able to have a good race with just any tyres. As the basis of the vehicle, tyres have a considerable impact on :

  • the braking system
  • the motricity
  • support
  • steering

When choosing your kart tyres, please check :

  • performance
  • endurance
  • extreme resistance to abrasion
  • resistance on asphalt
  • grip

Note that the resistance of the tyres on the asphalt affects the transmission of power. This is also the case for the centrifugal force that the driver feels when cornering on a circuit. A tyre that performs well and has a long life is one that doesn't file under the first braking action. It is also a tyre that is suitable for all types of track surfaces.

In addition to the characteristics of the karting tyres we offer, you should also consider your level of ability when making your choice. There are actually two types of tyres, namely leisure kart tyres and competition kart tyres. Recreational tyres (soft compound) are for beginners and competition tyres (hard compound) for advanced drivers. Don't forget to take into account the brand. On this point, at ORECA STORE, we offer you the very durable Dunlop kart tyres.
Dunlop kart tyres

Karting tyres are subject to intensive use and wear out quickly. This is why the tyre manufacturer Dunlop, after several studies, has developed resistant tyres for all kart drivers. Dunlop kart tyres meet all the above criteria.

On our website, you have access to several categories of Dunlop tyres. These include

  • Dunlop Competition RS1 KZ125 tyres with medium/hard compound
  • Dunlop Competition SL1 tyres
  • Dunlop SLK DLF2 leisure tyres
  • Dunlop National SL3 tyres

The strength and endurance of Dunlop kart tyres have been proven on various types of circuits. These tyres will allow you to accelerate, corner and brake without difficulty, even in rain or snow. Therefore, whatever the track temperature, Dunlop kart tyres will help to optimise your performance and time.