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Control your engine speed with a tachometer!

Very large choice of rev counters for rally cars or classic cars. VDO, Smiths and Stack rev counters in various sizes to mount on your dashboard. Perfect for car enthusiasts or drivers looking for performance information, these numerous gauges allow you to optimize the instrumentation of your car. You can now easily check the number of revolutions of your engine. ORECA Store also offers a selection of vintage rev counters for historic vehicles.

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Sale of lap counters for racing cars or classic cars

You will find at the best price at Oreca-Store a large choice of electronic pressure gauges to be fixed on the dashboard of your rally or circuit car. We offer electric, mechanical and analog gauges in order to satisfy the greatest number of people. In stock or on order, do not hesitate to place your order, you will receive your product as soon as possible thanks to a careful and quality delivery. Pressure gauges essential to renew the dashboard of his car, they indicate you the number of revolutions that your engine makes. Available for classic and vintage cars. Some models have a gear shift indicator and LED backlight for better visibility at night.

What is the purpose of a car lap account?

The tachometer informs the motorist of the rotation movement of the crankshaft in number of revolutions per minute and allows him to know when he can change the gear of his gearbox. The rev counter information comes from the ignition coil for petrol engines, the spark produced every 2 crankshaft revolutions informs a sensor for display on the rev counter of your dashboard.

In rally as in race on car circuit this manometer which counts the revolutions of your engine can help you to better pass your gears. Order now your rev counter for an optimized dashboard! Vintage dashboard with SMITHS car lap counter, electronic lap counter with STACK and VDO !

Which car rev counter for your vehicle?

For drivers with a race car for circuit or rally, it is essential to have an information device on their dashboard. Car rev counters are one of the essential elements to ensure a good transmission and to know when to change gear. For performance purposes, it may be appropriate to opt for an electronic rev counter such as the Stack rev counters.

For collectors and vintage car enthusiasts, a mechanical or analogue gauge can breathe new life into your dashboard without breaking the charm of the old. Smiths rev counters fit perfectly into the design of vintage cars.

So, depending on your use and the model of car you own, find your account on