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Discover our selection of high performance batteries for intensive use in motorsport. You will find a wide range of Odyssey Extreme Racing batteries, the most advanced batteries on the market. For the same volume, the Odyssey battery will allow you to save weight and space, which is important in motor racing, for more energy on board. These lithium or lead batteries guarantee great resistance to shocks and vibrations, ideal for rallying.

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Sale of motorsport batteries

Sale of lithium or lead batteries for competition vehicles at low prices. On, specialist in competition car equipment, you will find your Odyssey, Super B or CTEK lithium competition battery for rallying and circuit racing. Competition battery charger also on sale on our site. Specialised motorsport batteries are designed to withstand vibrations and violent impacts.

Batteries that make a difference in auto racing

ORECA STORE offers you a wide selection of batteries, designed for motor sport. These energy storage devices can help you gain precious seconds on the track or during your rallies. But how? Before answering this question, let's look at the role played by this component within a vehicle...

What is the purpose of a battery in a car?

Its function is crucial, to say the least, because without it, the engine simply cannot start. Its function is first to store energy, which comes from another car part: the alternator. Then it must restore the previously stored electricity, in order to power the engine when it starts, as well as the various electrical equipment (air conditioning, car radio, on-board computer, etc.).

Although indispensable, the battery is nonetheless fragile. It is essential to drive regularly to recharge it, thanks to the action of the alternator. Without this, the battery can be completely drained, even when the car is not in use, preventing the engine from starting. Unless an external charging system is used.

Charger: a must-have accessory

This is the possibility offered by the chargers available on ORECA STORE. These tools allow you to fill up with energy, in order to avoid any risk of battery failure. Because there is nothing more annoying than to see your car unable to move forward at the start of a race...

But the products we offer are no ordinary chargers. They have built-in computer components that optimise their operation. Some, for example, are able to adapt their charging programme to the temperature, capacity and condition of the battery. Because not all batteries have the same characteristics.

The different types of batteries

There are generally two main categories: lead-acid and lithium-acid batteries. The latter have many advantages, especially in motor sport. In most cases, they are lighter, more efficient (in terms of charging and discharging), last longer and require less maintenance. In addition, within this category, there are lithium iron phosphate batteries, which further improve these properties.

However, there is still a major argument in favour of lead-acid parts: their price. They are generally cheaper, and the ones we offer are still capable of operating in extreme temperature conditions.

How to choose a battery?

In addition to the budget, there are other criteria to consider when selecting a battery for your race car. First of all, you should pay particular attention to the safety of the equipment. Today, the International Automobile Federation regulations require, among other things, the presence of a circuit breaker, which is used to cut off the vehicle's power supply in the event of an emergency.

Secondly, the weight of the device must be taken into account, as the challenge is generally to make the vehicle as light as possible. As we have seen, the lightest solution is to use a lithium system.

You can also move the battery, as explained in this tutorial (in french). This can be done to distribute the weight more evenly or to make room for another component. However, you should be aware that, in the context of a motor racing event, this positioning must comply with certain standards, imposed by the FFSA.

The best prices on ORECA STORE

Have you made your choice? Then visit our online shop to benefit from the best prices. ORECA STORE offers you a wide range of batteries, to satisfy all budgets. Products developed by reference brands on the market, such as Super B, ODYSSEY or CTEK.

And if you want to continue to optimise the performance of your car, don't hesitate to consult the other sections of our catalogue: there are many possibilities available to you.