Odyssey Batteries

Odyssey Battery Specification

When the battery is no longer in its original location, the use of a dry type battery is mandatory in cars homologated in groups A, R, F2000, GT plus and GT series. No maintenance is required except for winter charging. We advise you to maintain your Odyssey batteries with our CTEK chargers.  Operation from -40°C to +80°C in all positions! Win your victories with Oreca-store.com !

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  1. Brand ODYSSEY
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  1. 8 A/h
  2. 13 A/h
  3. 28 A/h
  4. 16 A/h
  5. 34 A/h
  6. 45 A/h
Battery weight  
  1. 2.7 kg
  2. 5.7 kg
  3. 11.8 kg
  4. 7 kg
  5. 9 kg
  6. 12.5 kg
  1. 310 A
  2. 545 A
  3. 925 A
  4. 680 A
  5. 950 A
  6. 1100 A
  1. 138 x 86 x 101 mm
  2. 177.8 x 85.6 x 131.3 mm
  3. 168.6 x 179 x 128 mm
  4. 184.7 x 79 x 191.8 mm
  5. 250 x 97 x 156 mm
  6. 250 x 97 x 206 mm

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Odyssey battery sale

Oreca-Store, the online shop specialised in motorsport, reseller of the Odyssey brand offers excellent Odyssey extreme batteries at low prices. Extreme batteries for sports cars, rally cars and circuit racing.
The Odyssey battery provides twice the power of a conventional battery and has a three times longer life. The separators and internal welds of Odyssey batteries are reinforced for extra strength. Don't neglect the electricity in your vehicle - it's important.

The advantages of the Odyssey battery

This saves space and weight, with more energy on board for the same volume. In addition, the separators and welds are reinforced. No maintenance will be required except for winter charging with a CTEK charger. The terminals are treated against corrosion and the battery will not suffer from internal or external corrosion either.

Sports cars are extremely power-hungry. To provide them with the colossal amount of energy they need to start properly and power other built-in electrical devices, a high-quality battery is required. The Odyssey battery is a competition grade electrical equipment designed to meet the most demanding needs of sports driving. ORECA STORE, your specialist motorsport shop, is an official Odyssey distributor. We offer you the whole range of ultra powerful and light batteries that this brand puts on the market.

Odyssey batteries: high performance electrical equipment

If you're looking for that battery that will never let you down in a car race, you need to look to Odyssey. Their batteries have an exceptional design that allows them to :

  • Delivering a high intensity of energy as soon as the machine is started;
  • Provide a very good cycling capacity (400 charge cycles);
  • Release a large depth of discharge (they do not accept deep discharge)...

Manufactured with pure lead plates, they are very robust and are not affected by shocks or vibrations. Thanks to the AGM technology they incorporate, these batteries can deliver pulses of over 50 A in just 5 seconds. Appreciated by the most famous car racing teams, they have a power two to three times higher than conventional batteries.

They also offer an easy recharging system and have a lifespan three times longer than standard batteries. Odyssey batteries are also very tolerant of extreme temperatures (-40°C and +80°C) and can be mounted or handled in any direction (except for the bottom terminals).

ORECA STORE offers you the most powerful batteries available from this brand. In addition to being powerful, our Odyssey batteries are very light. They are therefore perfect to put in your car and help you to achieve better times. If you want to optimise your car's electrical system, we have the right battery for you from the Extreme series.

A range of Odyssey batteries for motor racing

If you are a true motorsport enthusiast, you know that the choice of a battery is not random. Each competition has its own rules, so it's important that you get an approved battery. If the battery is to be installed in a different location to that intended by the manufacturer, then you need a 'dry battery'. Odyssey batteries meet this requirement. In our online shop, several types of batteries are available, including :

  • The Extreme 8/PC310;
  • The Extreme 15/PC370;
  • The Extreme 20/PC545;
  • The Extreme 25/PC680;
  • The Extreme 35/PC925;
  • The Extreme 40/PC1100...

All these models of Odyssey 12 Volt batteries meet the new FFSA requirements for rally, F2000, GT plus, GT series... To make the appropriate choice, you must also take into account other parameters, notably height, length and width. Our experts are at your disposal to advise you and guide you in the choice of the model which will be really compatible for your sports car.

So, don't hesitate to visit our shelves to discover the perfect electrical equipment for your race car that will allow you to stand out from your competitors.

All accessories for sports car batteries

Changing the battery in a sports car is sometimes necessary to increase its performance. This is also done when the battery is almost flat. It is not allowed to start your car with an Odyssey battery if the voltage is below 11.5 volts.

Whether you are changing, measuring or maintaining your battery, you will need certain accessories:

  • Bins and holders ;
  • The C-Tek charger;
  • Relays ;
  • The Testmate type tester...

At ORECA STORE you will find all the essential accessories you need. Our battery trays and holders are very strong and are used to change the position of the battery in the passenger compartment in order to improve the weight distribution. They are also used to better secure and protect it.

We also have several models of C-Tek chargers (MXS 25, MXS3.8, XS0.8, MXS 5.0...). You can take advantage of our expert advice on how to choose the right Odyssey battery care equipment. Other products such as anti-corrosion cleaners are available to protect the battery from internal and external corrosion.

Specialised in the distribution of motorsport items, the ORECA STORE team offers the best Odyssey batteries for sale. Would you like to improve the performance of your race car? Or are you planning to build a competition car? You will find the compatible battery you need. In addition to this electrical equipment, we also offer you all the necessary accessories to install and maintain it properly.