Motorsport racing tyres

In competition, whether on the track or on the road, the choice of tyres is essential. We have selected for you some of the major brands of competition tyres, which no longer have to prove themselves in motor sport as their numerous victories speak for themselves! Michelin, which no longer needs to be introduced, has developed one of the best tyres for rallying.  For karting, we propose the Dunlop brand, which will provide you with exceptional grip, for different categories of competition. In competition your tyres are your first asset!

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Sale of motor sport competition tyres

Sale of Dunlop and Michelin competition tyres for rally, karting and circuit. All racing tyres at the best price! To find rally tyres or karting tyres browse our entire catalogue of specialised tyres for racing cars. Different types of hard, medium and soft tyres designed for rain, dirt or asphalt! Give your car power with cheap and quality tyres!

Competition tyres are one of the most important components of a sports car. Of crucial importance during motor racing, they are technical elements that greatly influence the driving sensation and performance on the track. They are available on the market in several models depending on the technical nature of the track.

The importance of using good quality competition tyres

Installing high quality sports tyres on your car is very important for good handling. Since these are the only elements that connect the vehicle to the track, they influence the :

  • Grip on the ground ;
  • Driving safety ;
  • The performance of the car.

Having tyres that are suitable for the track on which he is driving allows the driver to drive in better conditions. In addition to guaranteeing a good grip of the vehicle on the ground, a quality racing tyre favours a better transmission of acceleration, braking and drifting forces. All of this contributes to the vehicle's stability and excellent driving precision.

These different parameters have a positive impact on driving safety and help to improve the driver's performance. Moreover, equipping a sports car with quality tyres is imperative if you want to exploit its performance to the full.

What are the different types of competition tyres?

There are many different types of competition tyres on the market, which can be grouped into two main categories:

  • Slick tyres ;
  • Semi-slicks.

Slick tyres are used exclusively on race tracks. They are very high performance tyres that are perfectly suited to the demands of dry tracks. Because they do not have a grooved tread, they are dangerous on wet tracks.

Semi-slicks can be used not only on race tracks, but also on traditional roads. With great grip on dry surfaces, semi-slicks can also be used on wet asphalt. They are lightly grooved, but wear out faster than slicks.

Slick or semi-slick tyres are available in different types of rubber (hard, super soft, soft, medium). The choice of the right rubber depends on the driving conditions and the level of performance required.

Which tyres for which competitions?

Competition tyres are exclusively dedicated to motor racing. They are designed to withstand the extreme stresses of the racetrack and to ensure optimum safety for drivers. They are required for disciplines such as endurance, karting, rallying and Formula 1. For each of these disciplines, the choice of tyres is not a matter of chance. Here are some guidelines for making the right choice for each discipline.

For circuits, you should choose durable tyres that can maintain a constant speed (slick or hard semi-slick). For Formula 1, you should choose highly aerodynamic tyres that can withstand extreme speeds. For traditional rallying or rally-raid, you need to use tyres that are highly resistant to shocks while taking into account the specificities of the track...

For a dirt rally competition, hard semi-slicks will be ideal. For an asphalt rally, hard semi-slicks are preferable in summer and soft ones in wet conditions.

Michelin and Dunlop tyres: the market references

When we talk about motorsport tyres, there are certain brands that are bound to be mentioned. Michelin and Dunlop are two major tyre brands that no longer need to be presented. They are partners of the most prestigious car manufacturers. They offer competition tyres that are highly resistant to extreme conditions and considerably improve the grip of sports car wheels.

The Michelin and Dunlop brands offer a wide range of tyres for rallying, endurance, circuit or Formula 1. At ORECA STORE, you will find all the Michelin and Dunlop competition tyre references. For all the tyres you choose from us, you can choose between three types of rubber: hard, medium and soft. Our Michelin and Dunlop tyres are also available in several sizes:

  • 19/58-15 ;
  • 200/580 R15 ;
  • 245/650 R18 ;
  • 235/640 R18…

Depending on the make of your racing car and the type of motor sport you practice, you can choose the tyre model that suits you from our catalogue. In addition to being top-of-the-range, our branded competition products are offered at really attractive prices.

For karting, rallying, circuit racing or any other motor racing discipline, you need quality competition tyres. At ORECA STORE you will find Michelin and Dunlop tyres in different grades. Make your choice now and optimize your chances to reach the finish line!