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Discover all the lightweight flywheels available on HELIX brand, they will allow you to optimise the performance of your engine with faster revs and increased power.

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Sale of lightweight flywheels

Find on a large choice of flywheels for Audi, Lancia, Mini, Ford, BMW and many other brands with Helix manufacturing parts. These high performance flywheels can be fitted in place of the original flywheels and offer you a significant gain in power.

What is the purpose of a lightweight flywheel?

The flywheel has an essential role in your mechanics as it acts as an interface between the engine and the gearbox. More precisely, it is connected to the crankshaft and its function is to transmit the engine rotation to the gearbox. Due to its mass, it also manages to absorb the energy arriving from the engine in a jerky manner and then releases it linearly, thus improving driving comfort.

Why change the flywheel?

A fixed flywheel has no reason to be replaced for a leisure vehicle, except in the event of a breakdown, the warning signs of which are metallic clattering noises, strong vibrations or difficulty in shifting gears. For a sports car, however, it may be appropriate to modify the flywheel to improve performance. A lighter flywheel has less inertia and is therefore easier to steer. It can transmit the engine's energy more quickly and smoothly than a conventional cast iron flywheel. This means that your vehicle can rev up faster and gain in performance, giving you a few extra power points. The trade-off is higher fuel consumption, as it will take more combustion in your engine to drive the flywheel with the same force.

Helix lightweight flywheels

Helix Autosport is a UK company specialising in the research, design, development and manufacture of high performance clutch parts, primarily for sports cars. Their lightweight steel flywheels offer immediate power gains and faster revving. Adaptable and installable in place of your original flywheel, they have been designed to allow you to improve your performance easily and quickly.