Motorsport roll bars

Indispensable in motor racing, the roll bar meets rigorous standards and strict FIA regulations. It will ensure maximum safety in the passenger compartment of your competition vehicle. We offer roll bars for rallying as well as for circuit racing, VH and VHC. The roll bars offered cover a wide range of cars: Peugeot 306 S16, Citroën DS3, Renault Clio RS, you will inevitably find the roll bar that corresponds to your racing car!

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Sale of motor sport hoops

Find out about all the available FIA multipoint and standard roll bars for many models of racing cars. You will find roll bars for rally cars, roll bars for circuit cars and even roll bars for historic vehicles.

What is the role of the hoops?

The roll bar is an essential piece of safety equipment for motor sport and plays a structuring role in the car's interior. It prevents deformation of the chassis and protects the vehicle's occupants in the event of an accident. Without a roll bar, the driver and co-driver could be crushed by the car's body, especially if the car rolls over. This is why the car's structure is reinforced with this strong frame, which has proven its effectiveness in protecting drivers and passengers.

In addition to their safety role, racing hoops also improve the performance of racing cars. By reinforcing the car's structure and preventing hull deformation, it makes the car's hull stiffer and more stable in the face of repeated impacts, uneven terrain and wind resistance.

Which roll bars to choose for motorsport?

There are different types of roll bars for motorsport, each offering different levels of protection and performance. Four-point roll bars sit behind the seat and offer the lowest level of protection. The most common equipment is the 6-point roll bar which covers a large area and reinforces the vehicle structure well. Finally, there are multi-point roll bars that have at least eight anchor points and offer increased strength.

There are then two types of hoops fixings. On the one hand, there are welded hoops, which guarantee very good safety due to their great strength but require special skills for installation. On the other hand, there are bolted hoops, which are easier to install and lighter, with the advantage of being removable and less expensive.

So choose the equipment that suits you best, depending on your budget, your motor sport practice and the homologations in force for the competitions in which you wish to participate.