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You love to go to the racetrack to watch the great cars go by, but after a while your ears suffer from the noisy engines! To watch the racing cars without suffering from the decibels of the engines, opt for earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones. You can find noise-cancelling headphones for children, so that your child can discover your passion without damaging their ears.

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Sale of anti-noise racing helmets

Noise pollution, repetitive noise, car noise or public works, our anti-noise plugs from motor sport are useful at the edge of the track or in any other noisy environment. Earplugs and noise-cancelling headphones to buy at the best price from the specialist in equipment for the motorsport enthusiast, Oreca-Store.com. Discover in particular the superb Peltor ear muffs to protect your children's hearing.

A wide range of ear muffs for motorsport enthusiasts

Earmuffs are an essential piece of equipment for motor sport enthusiasts. At high frequency and intensity, noise pollution (engine noise, car noise...) can be dangerous for health. ORECA Store offers a wide range of motor sport ear muffs in its catalogue.

As a motor sport enthusiast, it is important to provide effective protection for your ears with noise-cancelling headphones when you go to the track. At ORECA Store, you are bound to find a model of earmuff that can optimally attenuate noise pollution. Our earmuffs for ear protection are available in stock at the best price and come from leading brands.

In our catalogue, you can find a helmet designed for Formula 1, the 24 hours of Le Mans, the Paul Ricard circuit. Each helmet is available in different colours and our accessories are sold at attractive prices. We also offer Peltor earmuffs for children's hearing protection. With Peltor earmuffs, they can watch the racing cars and live their passion without the high decibels of engine noise.

Our headphones feature ambient noise reduction technology and provide effective hearing protection. Our earmuffs are of high quality and you can use them for years if they are well maintained. We offer a protective cover for each model. Not only do our earmuffs provide hearing protection, but they can also be adjusted. They are very comfortable and usually have a soft headband with foam pads.

High quality earplugs for hearing protection

In our stock of products we offer earplugs for the protection of your ears at a very attractive price. These earplugs provide state-of-the-art noise reduction and can be worn for the duration of exposure to sound. These hearing protectors are ideal for activities such as :

  • sports competitions,
  • the 24-hour race in Le Mans,
  • F1 races,
  • car rallies...

Our earplugs are suitable for any noisy environment. On ORECA Store, you can buy your earplugs at the best price. Thanks to this product, spectators, both adults and children, can attend car races on roads and circuits without fearing for their ears from engine noise.

Our earplugs are light, small and comfortable. This means you can wear them throughout the day of the race. The earplugs in our stock are easy to put on and provide optimal sound attenuation.

Earmuffs: secure payment and fast delivery service

As soon as you buy your hearing protection helmet or earplugs, you benefit from a secure payment method. ORECA Store also offers a fast delivery service within 24 hours. Our hearing protection products are marketed with a 30-day money back guarantee. We provide you with high quality accessories and a reactive customer service. Don't wait any longer and come and get your hearing protection at the best price in our shop. You will be able to live your passion for motor sports without having to worry about noise.