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Save time, fatigue and trips by opting for wheel, battery or stand trolleys when travelling to your various car competitions. Move your tyres easily and effortlessly with one of our special tyre transport trolleys.

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Sale of trolleys for motor sport

Very useful in motorsport discover a large choice of tyre trolleys, karting, car battery trolley on sale at the best price on Oreca-Store !

Handling tyres in a pit, workshop or paddock with unsuitable equipment can cause health problems in the long run. This is because 15-inch wheels (tyre and rim) can weigh up to 20 kg for some car models. Using a car tyre trolley not only ensures your safety, but also allows you to work more easily and efficiently. ORECA Store offers you a wide range of practical and sturdy tyre trolleys.

2-stage tyre truck: efficiency at the best price

The 2-storey tyre trolley has a design that makes it remarkably balanced, practical and strong. It has removable beams with a length that can vary between 1300, 1500 or 1600 mm depending on the model of the trolley. This product adapts to the size of the tyres to be transported thanks to its adjustable height beams. This tyre trolley is available on our website in steel with an epoxy coating and in stainless steel. It is equipped with aluminium wheels which are very intuitive to use.

The two rear wheels are fixed, while the front wheels are swivel and have a very practical braking system for transport in a stand or in a crowded workshop. ORECA Store also offers stainless steel trolleys with the same design and the possibility to adjust the width of the equipment. This tyre trolley is suitable for transport as well as for storage in the workshop and on a sales stand.

Foldable tyre trolley for ergonomics and space saving

The folding tyre trolley also has a similar design to the double-deck trolley. However, it offers an additional advantage thanks to its bottom tray. This helps to transport tyres, work tools, paint cans and other accessories such as mechanic's gloves and wheel bolts. In a workshop with little space, this tyre trolley can easily find a storage place thanks to its foldable nature.

This feature allows you to reduce its height from 940 mm to 145 mm when you need to use it in the next few days. If this is not the case, you can fold your tyre trolley back to its original shape when delivered. This trolley also has very strong aluminium wheels with an intuitive movement system. In our stock you will find this trolley made of high quality steel with a high quality, wear resistant paint finish.

Cylindrical tyre trolley: a minimalist design for great practicality

The cylindrical tyre trolley is a very suitable equipment for transporting as well as storing car wheels and tyres in a garage or workshop. It has a circular base with a diameter of 535 mm or 645 mm depending on the model. These carts can carry tyres from 13 to 20 inches. The circular base is made of phenolic plywood and has a non-slip rubberised surface.

This tyre trolley has a central aluminium or stainless steel post that supports the wheels and tyres. The post can be removed and in some models can be up to 1 m long. The tyre trolley has four swivel castors that make it easy to transport the wheels in congested areas. If you want to use it for storage, the wheels can be braked to keep the trolley stationary.

Foldable stand cart: the versatile model for workshops

For a workshop or garage, we recommend multi-purpose products such as the folding stand cart. It is designed to provide optimum efficiency for professionals. This model of tyre trolley can carry two tyres or wheels of about 20 inches. It also has a storage bin that can hold the mounting kit and other accessories that are essential for doing a repair on your car. It is also a foldable model that can easily find a place in the storage cupboard of a workshop or garage.

The trolley has two swivel wheels and two locking wheels. It is capable of carrying a wheel load of up to 120 kg. We also offer a very affordable mini version with an equally impressive loading capacity. If you need to transport or store vehicle tyres, you can rely on the quality of our tyre carts. Once you have purchased one of our products, ORECA Store guarantees you a fast delivery and an impeccable after-sales service.