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Stand tent, indispensable in the service park. In order to protect you from the weather and to concentrate all your attention on your mechanical adjustments or repairs, we offer you different tent models with or without walls. We also offer you the opportunity to personalise your RedSpec tents in your own colours, for a club, a team or a sponsor. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our sales staff for a quotation.

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Sale of rally assistance stand tent

Protect yourself from bad weather by taking shelter in a rally tent. Wide choice of assistance tents at low prices on, the online shop specialising in the sale of motor sport assistance equipment. Stand arbours for sports events, cultural events, receptions or even for the market. Lightweight folding tent, not very bulky, very easy to transport. Give yourself a real visual impact on the assistance park by opting for a personalised tent with your logo and your team's colours.

During car races, having a car assistance tent is of paramount importance. This is because bad weather does not warn before it happens.

To optimize the chances of the rider to cross the finish line first, it is necessary to anticipate possible bad surprises. The car assistance tent is one of the best solutions you can think of to ignore the rain and concentrate on repairing or optimising the car.

ORECA STORE offers quality rally tents for all budgets. This multi-purpose equipment protects you, your teams, your tools and your cars.

Car assistance tents: make your repairs safe and secure

In order to have a high-performance car on the racetrack, optimisations must not only be carried out on the vehicle before the start, but also during the races. With the ORECA STORE tents you can make all the necessary adjustments and mechanical repairs and optimisations to your cars, whether it rains or snows. In addition, your tools and sports teams are protected from bad weather.

Our catalogue provides different types of rally tents to satisfy all needs. Some have walls and others are without walls.

You also have the possibility to personalise them according to your tastes and preferences. Whether it's a personalisation in the colours of a team, a club or a sponsor, you decide for maximum visual presence. Depending on your needs, you will choose the right type of printing to make your logo and colours appear on the roof and side walls of your tents.

Assistance tents that are easy to transport, set up and store

ORECA STORE's rally assistance tents are ergonomic. They are a practical and reliable solution. The materials used in the design of these tents are of very good quality.

We also offer foldable tents designed to make it easier for teams. So you can transport them without difficulty. Once folded, the tent has a small size. So you can store it easily.

Easy to use, our rally tents are also free of logistical constraints. You can deploy them thanks to the umbrella system they are equipped with. These shelters can be set up in just a few minutes.

Do you need a stand arbour? Think about our tents

The car assistance tents we offer are not single-use tents. They are useful for sports clubs, but also for event specialists and private individuals. You can also use them as stand arbours for various occasions:

  • Sporting events ;
  • Cultural events ;
  • The concerts ;
  • Receptions...

Due to the quality of the tents we offer, you can even use them as barnums for a fair or exhibition. They are available in several formats. It is therefore possible to make your choice according to the surface to be covered.

All the products we offer are at attractive prices. Whatever your budget, you are sure to find the right tent for your needs in our catalogue. With ORECA STORE, create efficient stands that suit you!