Motorsports driver equipment

Motorsports driver equipment

Online store selling equipment for motorsports drivers. Whatever your discipline, rally, circuit, track days, karting, get all the gear you need, from head to foot, on! You can buy all your Sparco equipment, find a Stilo helmet, a pair of Alpinestars gloves,a karting suit, driver's boots, at the best prices available! Our teams will advise you for the best choice of HANS device, or the Peltor and Stilo intercom systems you need to keep in touch with the stand or co-driver.

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Sale of equipment for rally, circuit and karting drivers

LARGE choice of equipment for motorsport drivers on Oreca-Store! All the equipment for the rally, karting and circuit driver: Sparco jet helmet, Alpinestars boots, driver suits and gloves. A universe entirely dedicated to amateur or professional motor racing.

Motorsport is becoming increasingly popular, attracting thousands of new recruits every year, but it is still a risky business: there are dozens of accidents every year. Good equipment is compulsory, and allows you to avoid speeding in complete safety.

Motorsport: get the right equipment for safe driving!

Even before you choose the right vehicle and equip it, choose the best possible combination of comfort, safety and practicality.

A durable and comfortable suit!

Whether you are a professional or amateur driver, it is essential to choose your racing suit.
For both rallying and karting, your driver's suit must meet strict protection criteria:

  • Heat resistant,
  • Ensuring freedom of movement,
  • Be designed in one piece.

Much more durable and comfortable, the FIA 8856-2000 approved suits are still the best available for sale.

Don't neglect the accessories!

Boots, driving gloves and even underwear, choose everything carefully and always choose those that are homologated by the International Automobile Federation (FIA).
Whether they are made of fabric, leather or turned leather, boots are an accessory that should not be neglected when it comes to getting the right equipment: while a good grip is essential, they must above all protect you from hydrocarbons and heat. Although several brands share the market, OMP Sport, Sparco and Alpinestars meet the highest quality and safety standards.
Similarly, rider's gloves should be comfortable and allow for optimal mobility. Always opt for gloves with pre-shaped palms and fingers, and make sure you choose lightweight gloves that will not hinder your riding.As for pilot underwear, despite appearances, it is not a secondary accessory, and optimum safety requires attention to it. To meet hygiene, safety and comfort requirements, it is more than necessary that long johns, t-shirts, bonnets and socks designed with micro-perforated parts to allow perspiration to pass. Since 2018, the FIA has required increased standards that make underwear lighter and more durable.

With or without a radio, for you and your co-driver, favour strong and resistant car helmets. More than anywhere else, FIA approved helmets are to be preferred. If the prices vary from 65 to more than 7000 €, choose a helmet which corresponds to your practice. Manufacturers are innovating to offer lightweight helmets made from intelligent materials such as carbon or fibreglass. Be very careful to get a helmet that fits you: being well equipped also means choosing your equipment carefully.

Equipping your racing vehicle with a radio link

It is essential for the pilot or co-pilot to be able to contact his team or assistance in the event of a problem! This is an accessory that is all too often neglected by pilots, yet it is essential for safe flying: radio links. Here again, prices vary from 9 to more than 1600 €, and you should not hesitate to pay for it.

Feel free to browse the Oreca Store site to find a radio link adapted to your practice.

The pilot's radio: a basic piece of equipment, perfect for competition!

Radio links with digital noise reduction are now the norm, and integrating Bluetooth to connect your smartphone is not a luxury. More than that, it is essential to choose a radio link with a good battery and long battery life, with an integrated cable for greater reliability.

Some radio links are real technological treasures and are like intelligent communication systems. You should not hesitate to use a radio link consisting of an independent radio and a radio headset. You can also double your equipment for safety.

Before choosing the radio link that suits you, make sure you know how to use it well: if its use is always fluid, automated and optimised, the conditions for good safety depend on perfect control of its equipment. It is imperative, for example, to know how to switch it on in case of difficulty, so make sure you know how to use your accessory! Above all, equip your co-pilot too, all situations are possible, and you will not regret this investment.

A link helmet for greater convenience

While radios often do the trick, it's a good idea to get a link helmet (or a car helmet with a built-in radio) for competitions or more regular practice. These are now commonplace on the slopes! They are almost compulsory for rallying or time trials and offer several advantages:

  • More practical,
  • More mobile,
  • More reliable.

Before choosing your liaison helmet, also known as a "rally radio helmet", always ensure that it is compatible with your radio equipment, and choose it according to its isolation from outside noise. You can also opt for a noise-cancelling helmet that will attenuate harmful sounds without blocking outside noise, which can be useful for good communication between the mechanic, the rider, his co-pilot and the assistance. Far from being gadgets, headsets can sometimes be innovative tools: many models incorporate the technology, widely used in the audiovisual field, of "full duplex", which makes it possible to obtain professional quality sound. The exchanges between the driver and his team are much more fluid and resemble a normal telephone call. Beyond that, they allow the driver to stay on the line throughout the race, without having to press any buttons, since this device, which completely blocks out unwanted noise, allows him to remain focused.