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To fasten, group and tighten what you want, ORECA Store offers several sets of Rilsan clamps. Very practical thanks to their irreversible rack and pinion closing system, the Rilsan clamps are both very flexible and very resistant... Ideal for use in the workshop!

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Sale of Rilsan cable ties and cable ties

Find on, the online motorsport specialist, all the Rilsan type clamps to attach and tighten elements such as cables or hold several things together.

What is Rilsan?

Rilsan is actually a material, more precisely a polyamide. Discovered in France over 60 years ago, Rilsan was one of the first bio-based polymers. Prepared from a castor oil derivative, it was made into remarkable fibres that competed with nylon, but above all into engineering plastics widely used for mechanical parts combining lightness and strength.

Highly prized for its characteristic properties, Rilsan is used in many fields. Its lightness, impact resistance, water and solvent resistance make it a good plastic for :

  • Clamps, Famas rifle, battery boxes, gears, bicycle saddles, etc.
  • fuel lines for cars, compressed air pipes, pipes for offshore oil production, etc.
  • coatings on metal parts to protect them from corrosion (e.g. dishwasher basket wires), etc.

In motorsport, it is therefore logical to find it in several areas, particularly for clamps, where it is very useful.

Which clamps to choose?

Several brands offer quality clamps for motorsports. REDSPEC, a reference brand in motor sports, offers a batch of one hundred clamps. GUNSON, a brand also known for the quality of its products, offers an assortment of clamps and bases to complete all your work.