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Coolant temperature sensors, engine oil temperature sensors and water temperature sensors. With or without alarm, to be connected directly to your pressure gauges available on Oreca-Store.com. Our temperature sensors are suitable for intensive use and are designed for competition cars. Water and oil temperature sensors from VDO, Stack or Smiths.

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Sale of oil and water temperature sensors

Sensors to measure the temperature of the different fluids in your sports car; oil and water, at low prices on Oreca-Store.com, the motorsport equipment specialist. Large choice of oil and water temperature sensors for different types of cars, with reference brands in motorsport: SMITHS, STACK, and VDO. Make your choice among our temperature sensors. Available in stock or on order, fast and careful delivery, secure purchase.

Temperature sensors are a piece of equipment that every racer should have in his vehicle to monitor the temperature of the coolant and oil. We offer sensors for monitoring the temperature of coolant, water and engine oil. Our models can be equipped with or without alarm and can be connected to your pressure gauges.

Do you drive a racing car? At Oreca Store, we offer temperature sensors specially designed for this type of vehicle and adapted to intensive use. They come from well-known brands in the field.

A wide range of vehicle temperature sensors

All the temperature sensors we offer in your shop are suitable for use in motor sport, as they are specially designed for competition vehicles.

Oil temperature sensors

We offer a wide selection of oil temperature sensors, which can measure between 50 and 150°.

Are you looking for a sensor that connects to a temperature gauge? You will be able to find what you are looking for quickly and easily in our catalogue. This equipment is essential to know the temperature of your engine, which will be displayed directly on the dashboard. By equipping your car with a temperature sensor, you will also be informed of any overheating, as it will illuminate the light. You will also be sure to find a sensor that fits the professional analogue instruments in your competition car.

Water temperature sensors

Our selection includes all kinds of water temperature sensors with straight flat plug connection. These include sensors with an alarm to signal overheating. They can detect temperatures between -4 and 120°C with a maximum switching power of 3 W and a power supply between 6 and 24 volts.

The brands we trust

We only work with reputable brands to ensure the quality of our products. Our offer mainly includes oil and water temperature sensors from leading brands in the world of motor racing. We work with professional equipment manufacturers such as STACK, VDO and SMITHS.

Buy your water and oil temperature sensors at Oreca Store

At Oreca Store, you will find a wide selection of quality water and oil temperature sensors available directly in the online shop or on order.

You can buy your temperature sensor directly from our online shop with our various secure payment options, and have it delivered directly to your home. Please note that we also provide delivery to relay points and express delivery.