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Do you want to optimise the braking system of your competition or sports car? It is very important to choose brake calipers adapted to a sport use. At Oreca-Store, we offer you a wide selection of high performance brake calipers, specially designed for motor racing, with their different characteristics such as the number of pistons. Whether you are looking for brake calipers for racing, track days or historic vehicles, you will find everything you need at Oreca-Store.

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Sale of brake calipers

Discover the selection of brake calipers for motorsport to buy on the online shop specialised in the sale of high performance braking parts for motorsport, High performance brake calipers that will allow you to optimise the performance and braking endurance of your competition vehicle or your historic vehicle.

What are brake calipers used for?

Brake calipers are an essential part of a vehicle's braking system. When the driver presses the brake pedal, brake fluid is pumped throughout the braking system. It is this fluid that communicates the braking demand and the required force to the brake calipers, which in turn will tighten to reflect the driver's action. By tightening, the brake calipers will press the brake pads against the brake disc, which will then be slowed down in its rotation and, by extension, slow down the movement of the wheel.

The brake calipers are the real link in the braking system, as they are the repercussion of the driver's pedal pressure, and must offer a high level of reactivity and precision to ensure effective braking in all circumstances. When using your car in sport, on the race track or in rallies, the role of the brake calipers becomes even more important because aggressive and repeated braking requires reliable and durable equipment to ensure high performance braking and resistance to any challenge.

Why choose sports brake calipers?

To ensure effective braking in difficult conditions such as those encountered in rallying or circuit racing, it is necessary to equip your vehicle, and more specifically your braking system, with the best components. In addition to brake pads and discs, which play a vital role in your braking performance, endurance and heat limitation, brake calipers also improve braking performance by offering more precise and responsive braking than with conventional brake calipers.

Among the brake calipers offered for sale on, the 4 or 6 piston calipers offer a real gain in performance compared to the original calipers. They will be your perfect companion for sporty driving and competition.