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FIA racing helmets

A wide range of helmets for motorsport. Full face or jet helmets for rallying or circuit racing, ideal to ensure your safety on board your competition vehicle. Most rally helmets are FIA approved. You will find the best brands of car helmets on our site so you can choose the ideal protection for your races, whether you are a driver or co-driver. Many of the helmets on sale are Peltor compatible and you will also find ultra-lightweight models in carbon or fibreglass.

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Sale of Motor Sport Helmets

Helmets are essential in motor racing for optimum protection of your head and face. You can find the biggest brands of car helmets for rallying, circuit racing or karting.

How to choose a rally and circuit car helmet for drivers?

Our team of product managers has selected for you the best helmets from the best brands at the best prices! Your choice of helmet must take into account several elements that are not limited to aesthetics.

Motor sport helmet approval

In competition, one of the most important criteria is homologation. Helmets are subjected to numerous tests with strict criteria to ensure the best safety for the rider. So make sure your helmet is homologated for your rally or circuit discipline.

Full face helmet or jet helmet

There are two main types of helmets to protect your head: the jet helmet and the full-face helmet, both of which have their qualities and shortcomings, especially in motor sport.

  • Full face helmet: The full face helmet covers the entire face and head. It normally has a visor to protect against the weather and any kind of projection. This helmet is the safest because it covers the whole head. It is recommended in motor sports and is even compulsory according to the regulations in force.
  • Jet helmet: The jet helmet is a protective helmet that is open at the front, especially at the chin. It is often appreciated for its comfort but provides less protection than full-face helmets. It is also less favoured in motor sport.

Weight and comfort of car sport helmets

Your helmet should be the right size for your head and as light as possible. Indeed, the weight is very important, it allows to gain in performance and to relieve the cervicals. All the helmets on sale on ORECA Store are of high quality. They offer great comfort thanks to a dense foam and are very light because they are made of high quality materials. Finally, they offer great aerodynamic qualities because they are narrow with drawn curves. Finally, the helmets available on ORECA Store are equipped with air intakes according to the models with a large field of vision and HANS® compatible.


We have selected for you the best brands at the best price on Oreca Store ! Find the range of pilot helmets BELL, OMP, SPARCO, STILO, TURN ONE ! You are bound to find your helmet among the best brands on the market, adopted by thousands of riders and enthusiasts who have been developing the products for many years.