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Wide range of towing or lashing straps very useful in motorsport. Very resistant material to tow your vehicles, some of our straps are equipped with a ratchet tensioner to tighten and tighten without effort. Straps with a resistance up to 5000 kg !

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Sale of towing and lashing straps

Breakdowns, accidents and mishaps are not uncommon events in motor sport. To prepare yourself for this, get a quality tow strap from Oreca Store. We offer a wide range. Our towing and hauling straps are extremely strong and designed for rally cars and racing cars. In addition to products of recognized brands, you benefit from attractive prices and regular discounts on our articles.

Find for your car the strap to securely fasten your vehicle. To buy at low price on Oreca-Store, specialist in tools and accessories for sports cars! One piece or two pieces straps, standard or ergo ratchet tensioner, make your choice among our range of OMP and REDSPEC towing straps for an efficient and fast towing of your sports cars !

What is the purpose of the tow strap?

A tow strap helps prevent breakdowns and accidents in racing. It is attached to the front or rear of the vehicle to tow it. A car that breaks down or has an accident must be quickly removed from the track for the safety of the various users.

The strap must be strong enough not to break and cause additional danger to its users, especially when it has metal hooks. Our towing straps for racing and rally cars are made of ultra-strong materials. They can support up to 5000 kg depending on the model. Some are equipped with a ratchet tensioner to easily tighten and tighten the strap when it is necessary to tow your vehicle.

In general, it is advisable to have the tow strap installed in a workshop.

How to use straps for towing a race car?

Compared to the other means of towing (bar, diabolo, tray), the one with straps is undoubtedly the most economical, while being very effective. Thus, having straps in your race car is always a good idea.

To use them, you must first attach the straps to the anchor points of both vehicles. It is then essential to make sure that the brakes and steering are working properly in order to control the car. A driver must be in the immobilized car to control it. Once underway, it is important to drive at low speed and turn on the emergency lights. Caution should be exercised during the entire operation.

Discover our range of straps to secure or tow your vehicle easily and quickly during your trips and car competitions.

Numerous models of straps to securely fasten your vehicle

Specialist in the sale of accessories and tools for racing cars, Oreca Store offers you a wide choice of towing and towing straps. Our models are from the major brands such as OMP and REDSPEC.

You can choose between our one-piece or two-piece straps, with standard or ergo ratchet tensioner. Our straps are equipped with two or three hooks, with a very strong strap. This way, we guarantee efficient, fast and safe towing in any situation.

Choose from different lengths, widths and thicknesses. We also offer different coloured straps to give your vehicle a unique look. We are at your disposal to advise you and help you make the right choice when purchasing.