GOODRIDGE 811 G-Line series hose
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GOODRIDGE 811 G-Line series hose Applications: water, fuel, oil, air, methanol. Increasingly used in competition, this range has several benefits compared to the conventional ranges (nitrile 200/400 series pipe). Namely, weight gain of 30%, better rigidity, excellent bend radius, 100% guaranteed impermeability and much longer life ... What is more, you won't get the fuel smells in the passenger compartment, as you would with a nitrile pipe. The 811 series has a flexible, convoluted inner and a stainless steel braided outer. Temperature: From -70&amp deg C to 260&amp deg C.
Different diameters available: - Interior diameter: 9.53, external diameter: 13, burst pressure: 320 bars, Working pressure: 80 bars, use: fuel. - Interior diameter: 12.7, external diameter: 16.5, burst pressure: 280 bars, Working pressure: 70 bars, use: fuel/oil. - Interior diameter: 15.88, external diameter: 20.8, burst pressure: 260 bars, Working pressure: 65 bars, use: oil. - Interior diameter: 19.05, external diameter: 24.4, burst pressure: 240 bars, Working pressure: 60 bars, use: oil. - Interior diameter: 25.4, external diameter: 32.3, burst pressure: 200 bars, Working pressure: 50 bars, use: oil.


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