Racing spark plug reference R7435-10 for FORD Escort Cosworth Gr. A
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NGK Racing spark plug reference R2349-10 for FORD Escort Cosworth Gr. A
Select the spark plug you need according to electrode design, spark plug temperature, the level of engine preparation and race conditions.
Spark plugs with a high temperature index have superior cooling capabilities.

NGK Racing spark plugs have been designed for use in modified engines. They allow for maximum power in specific external conditions, especially when the atmospheric temperature is high.
NGK Racing spark plugs different from standard plugs in both appearance and performance. They sacrifice durability and performance at low engine speeds, instead putting emphasis on high rpm.
How to choose your NGK spark plug
1. Plug design: to determine spark plug design, see your vehicle manual or the specifications of the spark plugs you use to check: the thread, diameter, length and characteristics of the spark plug washer.

2. Spark plug electrode design: The longer the electrode, the better the spark and ignition of the air-fuel mixture inside the cylinder. Longer electrodes are more subject to wear. With the heat and vibrations in racing engines, it is recommended to select an electrode design that reduces the risk of wear.
Projected insulator nose type

Very similar to the electrode of a standard spark plug, these plugs give good overall performance for slightly modified and naturally aspirated engines, and for turbo engines at low and mid-range torque.
Square section earth electrode type
This type of electrode offers superior performance for turbo engines. The short electrode is much more resistant to explosion impacts.
Semi-surface ignition type This is the ultimate spark plug design. Practically all earth electrode cracking and positive electrode melting issues are avoided with this type of spark plug. Service life and low-rpm performance are reduced.

3. Spark plug temperature: it is important that you select a temperature index that maintains the electrode at the ideal operating temperature, even in extreme racing conditions. A high index does not necessarily mean the best performance - it simply improves the spark plugs heat dissipation capabilities.

4. Resistors: Due to automatic ignition timing advance systems, performance is different for spark plugs with and without resistors. Thus, depending on model, certain engines require spark plugs with resistors to prevent undesirable side effects.
Spark plug specifications:
For FORD Escort Cosworth (We recommend you check the compatibility of this spark plug with your vehicle).
Thread type: ?14x19mm (16.0Hex)
Spark plug type: BCP-E (JIS)
Temperature index: 10
Terminal type: Non-removable
Central electrode: Iridium
Earth electrode: Nickel alloy
Resistor spark plug.

Ref.: 625R743510

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Universe Competition
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Oreca Reference 625R743510
Manufacturer's reference R7435-10
Brand NGK