Thermal strips, motor insulation

Thermal protection tape sleeves are ideal for protecting your engine from hot spots. You will also find high temperature heat shields for your spark plug caps and wires. These high performance thermal insulation sleeves protect against heat up to 260 degrees. You will also find turbo insulations that reduce the ambient temperature. Check out our tutorial on our blog to find out how to do engine insulation in the best conditions. And a new range to soundproof the car with soundproofing sheets.

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Sale of thermal protection for car engines

DEI heat protection tape, DEI heat insulation plate, heat sleeves or fire protection: here are all the heat protection tapes your car engine needs! You will find all the protections in the form of heat protection tapes, but also heat shields that prevent hardening and cracking. These sleeves are universal and fit most competition cars. Engine insulation tapes reduce the density of the exhaust gases and increase the exhaust flow. Limits heat radiation from the manifold. All the car insulation for better performance: thermal tape, engine insulation, exhaust tape, thermal sheath, all the anti heat!
Car soundproofing:
Discover also our sheets for car soundproofing in order to isolate the noise and the parasitic vibrations within the passenger compartment. A range of acoustic insulation under carpet and anti-vibration.

Automotive thermal insulation, to protect car parts from heat

When owning an optimised car or when participating in motor sport, the vehicle is usually subjected to extreme temperature conditions. The release of heat can greatly affect its performance and gradually damage its components.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. ORECA STORE offers you a wide range of heat shields, in various forms and brands, such as DEI, ATL or HJS. These elements will protect your engine from overheating and can even optimise the performance of your vehicle, especially on the track or in rallies.

Thermal protection tape: the ally of your exhaust

Let's take a closer look at a component that is often used by racing enthusiasts: the thermal strip, also known as thermal protection tape. On the one hand, it helps to optimise the car's exhaust system. By maintaining the temperature of the exhaust gases, it promotes their circulation, which helps to improve engine performance. On the other hand, it limits the phenomenon of heat dissipation by radiation, which can lead to premature wear of certain parts of the engine compartment.

There are several types of thermal tape, including titanium tape, which can withstand temperatures of over 1000°C and reduce heat radiation by 50%. You can find it in our shop, available in different sizes (variable length and width).

The tape can be easily applied to parts such as the radiator, airbox or exhaust manifold. To do this, follow our tutorial, which details all the steps, one by one. And don't forget to use stainless steel clamps (also available in our shop) to hold the heat shield in place.

Other thermal insulation components

You can also order other types of insulation at ORECA STORE. Because there is no such thing as zero risk, our catalogue includes, for example, fire protection. This safety equipment protects the components, but also the occupants of the vehicle, in the event of a fire, thanks to a material resistant to high temperatures.

We also offer heat protection tape in various sizes. Easy to apply and remove, it will allow you to insulate many parts of your car and keep them warm.

Nevertheless, some insulators require an adhesive material to perfectly fit the shape of the components to be protected. This is why we provide you with a tube of glue, which works on multiple surfaces, and a high temperature adhesive spray. Also, don't hesitate to get the DEI paint can, which reinforces the waterproofing of the thermal strips.

Acoustic insulation

Finally, while thermal insulation protects against heat, it has its equivalent for noise: acoustic insulation. These are mainly used to protect the passenger compartment from unwanted sound from other parts of the vehicle and/or from vibrations. For optimum soundproofing, we recommend placing the protection between the floor and the car's carpet. In addition, some of the products in our shop are made of a flexible material, so that they can cover the entire surface, right down to the smallest corner.

Why order your thermal insulation from ORECA STORE?

By choosing a thermal protection solution on ORECA STORE, you can be sure of getting a quality product at the best price. You will be able to effectively insulate the various components of your vehicle, improve its performance and get a head start on your rivals in the race!