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Range of FIA approved and no approval harnesses for motor sport.  Several brands of FIA harnesses with different attachment points are available all year round.

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Sale of FIA harnesses

The FIA homologation, which is often compulsory in many automobile disciplines, guarantees optimum safety. The safety of drivers must be ensured by safety accessories that have been homologated by the FIA. Trust the homologated harnesses with the brands Sabelt, OMP and Sparco. Harnesses protect drivers in the event of an accident and keep them in their bucket seat so that they are not thrown into the front of the car. Harnesses are much more effective than a seatbelt. Harnesses are mandatory in motor racing competitions for safe driving and driving.

In motor sport, risk is often high and accidents are never far away. When driving a rally car, you must therefore make sure that you have taken all the necessary protective and safety measures. Among these, the harness is very important and is a must. Why the car harness and what are the different models we offer on ORECA STORE? Can you use any kind of harness as a driver? We'll give you all the answers.

Essential protective and safety equipment

Motor sports in general are known for challenging hostile environments. In rallying, the more difficult and risky the terrain, the more interesting the race. Therefore, it is necessary that all safety conditions are met. These include a vehicle that has been checked and found to be in good condition, a suit that meets the standards, a certified helmet, an accessible harness cutter, and above all a harness that has been approved by the FIA (Fédération Internationale Automobile).

The latter allows the driver and his teammate to stay in place and not be thrown around during shocks, sudden accelerations or unexpected braking. Sometimes vehicles even roll over and overturn during competitions. In these cases, the guaranteed immobility provided by the harness is what prevents the driving team from hitting the roof of the passenger compartment, the windscreen or the windows.

The FIA-approved harness, which you can purchase on our website, reduces the risk of fractures and serious injuries to the driver and co-driver. The harness cutter allows the driver or his partner to free himself when the harness buckle, for example, is damaged and prevents it from coming loose.

What are the different types of harnesses and their accessories?

Made up of straps, adjusters and a buckle, the harness comes in a variety of sizes and is accompanied by several accessories. The models offered by manufacturers range from 3-point to 6-point. Apart from the lightness and strength of the material, the quality of a harness is measured by the number of points it has. The more points, the more the pilot will be supported and protected in case of strong impact, which is a guarantee of comfort for the wearer.

In our catalogue, several harness manufacturers are available to motor sport drivers. Among the best known are Sabelt, Sparco, TRS, Grayston, OMP and NC. In addition to harnesses with different points, these brands also offer accessories such as eyelets, harness cutters, screw-on plates for eyelets and shoulder protection.

For buckles and adjusters, we offer models in aluminium, steel and even magnesium.

Which harness is allowed in motor sport?

Before fitting your sports car with a harness, make sure it is FIA approved. Since 1 January 2015, the use of a harness that complies with FIA standards has been mandatory. From now on, drivers and co-drivers are obliged to wear harnesses that comply with the FIA 8853/98 6-strap standard at national, regional and international sporting events.

In the case of the FIA 8854/98 4-strap versions, they must be modified to 5 or 6 straps to be accepted. In addition to these requirements, the FIA also requires that the vehicle be equipped with 2 harness cut-outs which are easily accessible to both occupants when they have fastened their harness.

Unless it is an entertainment event, these new standards are applied in all professional races, so an FIA approved harness is required to participate in major competitions.

How valid is the harness?

As a general rule, there is a validity period during which you can use a harness. Once this period has expired, it must be changed, for example by purchasing a new model from ORECA STORE. Often indicated on the approval and identification label, this validity date is 5 years from the date of manufacture. However, it should be remembered that the effectiveness and longevity of a harness depends on how it is installed, used and maintained.

On the other hand, there are situations whose occurrence can shorten the life of a harness. In the event of a severe collision, for example, it is advisable to replace the harness to avoid unpleasant surprises later on. Similarly, if you notice any cuts on this safety accessory, it is best to simply replace it. In other cases, such as malfunction, deformation of the buckle or metal part or weakening of the straps, a replacement is also the best option to ensure the safety of the vehicle occupants. Our harness shop provides you with approved and durable models for this purpose!