REDSPEC wheel spacers 4 x 108 for FORD
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REDSPEC wheel spacers 4 x 108 for FORD

REDSPEC wheel spacers are manufactured in high quality anodized aluminium, and are available for a wide range of applications.
Sold by pair.
Made in Italy.

PCD: 4 x 108
Centre bore: 63.3.
Thread: M12 x 1.50.

Several models available:

- Without bolt: 16 or 20 mm thick
The bolts are not supplied with the wheel spacers.
These spacers may require longer studs or bolts depending on the length of the original and width of the spacer required.

- With stud bolt: 16 or 20 mm thick
The wheel spacers are supplied with the mounting hardware.
The supplied bolts are longer than the original one and adapted to the width of the wheel spacer.

- With double bolts: 25 or 30 mm thick, bolts with pre-installed stud bolts and nuts.
Configuration used for important wheel spacers.
A set of bolts allows to fix the wheel spacer on the hub, while the other allows to fix the wheel on the wheel spacer.
Note: If the thickness of the wheel spacers is less than the length of the original stud bolts, the correct contact between the wheel rims and the spacers cannot be guaranteed. Thus, the stud bolts should be shortened accordingly.

Escort from 10/1990 to 02/1999.
Escort Cosworth from 02/1995 to 10/1998.
Fiesta from 1995 to 09/2008.
Fiesta VI type JA8 from 10/2008.
Focus I type D from 10/1998 to 10/2004.
StreetKa type RL2 from 05/2003 to 07/2005.
Puma type ECT from 03/1997 to 06/2002.
Sierra type GBG / GB4 from 08/1982 to 02/1993.
Sierra RS Cosworth from 01/1987 to 02/1993.

Ref.: 8301012_4-108

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