Drilled and grooved front brake discs for FIAT Uno 1.3 ie Turbo / 1.4 ie Turbo - Palio Weekend 1.2i / 1.7 TD 240x20 mm
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REDSPEC drilled and grooved front brake discs for FIAT Uno 1.3 ie Turbo / 1.4 ie Turbo - Palio Weekend 1.2i / 1.7 TD 240x20 mm

With their radical styling, these drilled and grooved brakes have apertures that facilitate heat dissipation and channels that clean the brake pad surface every time you brake.
All the components required for optimal braking!
Can be fitted as a direct replacement for your standard discs (identical dimensions).
Please check the compatibility of these discs with your vehicle.
These discs comply with standards ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 and TÜV.
Sold as a pair.

Diameter 240 mm
Thickness 20 mm
Bore 59 mm
Number of mounting holes 4

Made for :
FIAT Palio Weekend 1.2i
FIAT Palio Weekend 1.7 TD
FIAT Uno 1.3 ie Turbo
FIAT Uno 1.4 ie Turbo

For optimal performance, please comply with the running-in phase described below:
1. Block off 75% of the cooler intake 2. Use brake pads that have been run in (hard).
3. Warm the discs up gradually over the first 15 kilometres.
4. Drive normally, without braking sharply.
5. Brake sharply 5 or 6 times to finish off.
6. If heat protective paint is used (ref.CP26491), only the green paint (430°C) should have turned white, with the orange hardly touched (560°C).

To ensure optimal performance and durability, disc temperature must be correct and balanced.
Generally speaking, a vehicle's discs should all work at identical temperatures.
The maximum temperature of the disc must be compliant with the quality of the brake pads used.
The disc sides must not exceed the recommended maximum temperatures for each type of brake pad.

Ref.: 1DVHPD195

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This product is suitable for the following vehicles:

FIATUNO1.4ie TURBO (115CV)10/1989 - 08/1995
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Universe Competition, Track days
Oreca Reference 1DVHPD195
Manufacturer's reference HPD195
Vehicle categories 1216