Clubman single coil rev limiter + Launch Control
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OMEX Clubman single coil rev limiter + Launch Control

OMEX range specifications :
Similar to the Rev Limiter Clubman, but with the addition of an auxiliary rev limit that can be set, then operated with the supplied switch to give consistent starts, reducing the chance of wheelspin. Suitable for most of 4-stroke petrol engines and most ignition types, but not capacitor discharge (CDi) systems or positive earth vehicles.

Shift point and rev limit are set independently of the car's rev counter to guarantee reliability. Simply press a button to increment these values by steps of 100 rpm.

Dimensions and weight:
- Dimensions: 82 x 40 x 22 mm
- Weight: Approx. 125 g
- Cable length: Approx. 2 m

Limit ranges:
- 2 cylinders: 1 000-20 000 rpm
- 4 cylinders: 1 000-20 000 rpm
- 6 cylinders: 1 000-12 000 rpm
- 8 cylinders: 1 000-10 000 rpm

- Red wire: + terminal coil
- Blue wire: - terminal coil
- Black wire: earth

All OMEX products are made at a ISO 9000 certified production site and have European E11 approval.

OMEX Clubman rev limiter specifications:
High-performance rev limiter with "soft" cut and one shift light (removable LED Ø 10 mm).
It reduces engine power whenever the driver nears the set limit.
Compatible with most 4-stroke petrol engines and ignition systems, except electronic ignition.
Adjustable shift light: No.
Adjustable cut: Yes.
Number of coils: 2 coils.

Ref.: 621RLCLCT

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Oreca Reference 621RLCLCT
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