Clutch disc for VOLKSWAGEN Golf V
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HELIX clutch disc for VOLKSWAGEN Golf V

The HELIX range has mainly been designed for engines or vehicles that have had their performance boosted.
The Helix Racing clutch is the outcome of years of experience in competition and uses leading-edge materials.
It has been designed to enhance the powershift and increase engine power.
Can be fitted as a direct replacement for the standard unit with no flywheel modification needed, unless otherwise indicated.

Disc type: Damped sintered disc.

Disc specifications:
- Clutch diameter: 240 mm
- Spline diameter: 24.2 mm
- Number of teeth: 23
- Disc for VOLKSWAGEN Golf V 2.0 GTi Turbo from 2004

Clutch release bearing also available ref. 414621.
Mechanism also available ref. 603318.

Ref.: 783317

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This product is suitable for the following vehicles:

VOLKSWAGENGOLF 52.0 GTi (200CV)10/2004 -
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Universe Competition
Oreca Reference 783317
Manufacturer's reference 78-3317
Vehicle categories 1385