Replacement filter for AUDI A1 2.0 TFSi
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GREEN FILTER replacement filter for AUDI A1 2.0 TFSi

This cotton replacement filter takes just a few seconds to fit to your standard air box as a direct replacement for your standard paper filter.

Benefits of GREEN air filters:
- 2 layers of natural woven cotton fibre behind a double galvanised steel mesh painted with epoxy.
- 100 000 km warranty for the first user.
- Can be cleaned and re-used that there is no need to replace it (every year or 7000 km).
- Designed to last the whole lifetime of your vehicle.
- Lower pressure drop: 30 to 40% more air going through compared to a standard paper filter.
- Better oerformance: greater engine output and longer mechanical life.
- Fuel saving of about 2 or 3% at equivalent load.
- Used by the most important racing teams.

Cotton is used fir this filter instead of paper and allows:
- More air trapped: +40% for a better combustion.
- Less engine wear - Almost unlimited lifespan.
- Non-mechanical effect so moisture is not a problem.

Replacement filters reduce the pressure drop phenomenon. Lower pressure drop means more engine flexibility and more comfortable drive.
This filter also allows a better mixture of combustion gases thanks to extra air intake. It is easy to fit and clean.

Replacement filter for:
- AUDI A1 (8X) 2,0L TFSi 256HP from 2012
- AUDI A1 (8X) 2,0L TDi 136HP from 2011
- AUDI A1 (8X) 2,0L TDi 143HP from 2011
- SEAT Ibiza V SC FR 2,0L TDi CR 143HP from 2010
- VOLKSWAGEN Polo V (6R) 2,0L TSI R WRC 220HP from 2013

Features of the filter:
Shape: Flat.
L1 (width): 280 mm.
L2 (length): 107 mm.
L3 (length): 225 mm.
H (height): 24 mm.

Simply clean regularly to maintain optimal performance. To clean your filter we recommen GREEN FILTER cleaners such as the non-solvent detergent and oil spray ref. 451NH01 or 451NH02.

Ref.: 451P960524

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Color Green
Oreca Reference 451P960524
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