Alfano 6 1T data acquisition system
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Alfano 6 1T data acquisition system

Developed with the greatest experience, the Alfano 6 is now considered the best product on the market according to professionals in the sector and its users.

- Equipped with 3 GPS systems (American, Russian (Glonass) and European (Galileo) satellites for a precision of lap times, speed and trajectory never reached before).
- More than 2,550 tracks in memory: The Alfano 6 automatically recognises the track you are on. If the track does not exist, the Alfano 6 will automatically create it using the GPS systems. For professionals, it is possible to add or modify partials or the starting point with a very intuitive interface. The Alfano 6 also offers a 100% Magnetic mode for indoor circuits (requiring the A1302 sensor).
- Backlit 268 x 128 pixel display with 3 brightness levels, ambient light sensor and 6 background colours available.
- Easy to customise your display. You choose where to display lap times, RPM, speed, temperatures...
- Equipped with 6 individually configurable LEDs, with the possibility to choose the colour and the activation values. You can choose to activate the LEDs for speed changes, temperature alarm or best time / intermediate.
- Integrated Bluetooth for downloading data or updating the firmware with smartphone/tablet or PC applications.
- Alfano Data Analysis"" app, free and available on iOs, Android and Windows PC allows you to analyse your session data directly on your tablet/mobile/PC/Mac
- Built-in high capacity rechargeable lithium ion battery. 40 hours of battery life will last you through the weekend on a single charge. It is also possible to charge your Alfano 6 with an external battery without having to remove your Alfano from the kart.
- The Alfano 6 is designed to be installed on your steering wheel. You can therefore hold it in place by using the screw thread on the back of the device and the nut (supplied).
- IP67 waterproofing.
- Warranty: 5 years

Includes :
- ALFANO6 1T: integrated GPS antenna (latest generation +/- 35 satellites), Bluetooth 4.0, lithium-ion battery capacity 3000 mA.
- USB adapter (EU, US, UK, AU plug),
- Cable for charger (Attention: this cable is not suitable for data downloads).
- RPM sensor.

- All PRO III EVO sensors are compatible with the Alfano 6 1T.
- The Alfano 6 1T is identical to the Alfano 6 2T but can only have one NTC or K type temperature sensor.

Most popular accessories :
- ALFANO 90 cm magnetic sensor (ref: A1302): allows the Alfano 6 to create circuits when the GPS connection is weak (indoor circuits for example)
- Speed sensor (ref: A2203): allows you to know your speed relative to the rotation of the ring placed on the axle*. This data is a more precise, more reactive and real time representation of your speed than that presented by the GPS module (professional use). This sensor will allow you, for example, to better identify the kart's dislodging from the track
*References Rings: A441, A442, A443, A444, A445, A4461
- Pedal sensor (ref: A2405): allows you to know the position of each pedal during your analyses (App and software). Attention: Box4Move (A1204) or Box12 (A1160) required
- Steering wheel position sensor - 80 cm (ref: A2401): allows you to know the position of your steering wheel during your analyses (App and software). Attention: Box4Move (A1204) or Box12 (A1160) mandatory
- Ring for speed sensor Ø 50 with 4 magnets (ref A4462) : allows a reaction on the collection of the speed 4x faster. Caution: speed sensor A2201 mandatory
- Box12 (ref: A1160): It integrates a G force sensor and allows you to use up to 12 inputs (3 position sensors, 1 valve sensor, etc.)
- Box4Move (ref: A1204): it integrates a G force sensor and allows you to connect three position sensors (pedal and steering wheel movements).


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