REDSPEC silicon reducer
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REDSPEC silicon reducer

3-layer silicon hose in high-resistance polyester fabric.
Withstands peak temperatures up to 180°C, though depending on fluid being carried.
Material not altered by anti-freeze or anti-corrosion fluids.
High resistance to hardening and very good compression qualities.
Colours: Black, blue.
Length: 127 mm.

Sizes available:
- Ø19>16 mm
- Ø22>19 mm
- Ø28>26 mm
- Ø32>25 mm
- Ø32>26 mm
- Ø32>28 mm
- Ø35>25 mm
- Ø35>28 mm
- Ø35>32 mm
- Ø38>32 mm
- Ø40>35 mm
- Ø45>32 mm
- Ø45>38 mm
- Ø60>50 mm
- Ø51>38 mm
- Ø51>45 mm
- Ø63>51 mm
- Ø70>60 mm
- Ø76>63 mm


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Universe Competition, Historic Vehicles, Track days
Color Blue
Oreca Reference 861RD_REDUCTEUR